About Us

Consologistix SA (Pty) Ltd was created by Willem Schoeman, an expert in the field of distribution and logistics and previously the National Logistics Manager at Parmalat South Africa.

Willem has been part of the logistics environment for nearly 30 years in a national capacity. He has a successful track record in developing Logistics Footprints, Project Management, Strategy Implimentation and Business Development. The main aim was that Consologistix SA (Pty) Ltd would render consultancy services to the Logistics and Industrial sector.

The Consologistix team also include Julie Sezestre.

Julie joined the company from France where she has proven herself as an expert in the field of consulting and project management in the Transportation and Warehousing environment. Julie worked for various companies in Europe and achieved her Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management from the Brest Business School in 2010. Julie is adept in technical and functional analyses of outbound logistics, implementation of operational and reporting tools and is skilled in Transportation Tender Management.


The strategic vision for Consologistix SA (Pty) Ltd is to provide end-to-end logistics solutions, supply chain processes, fleet management and implimentation of efficiency driving practises, which will lead to major cost reductions for customers in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Consologistix SA (Pty) Ltd aim to assist companies in creating a competitive advantage. Optimisation of logistics operations can be achieved by introducing efficiency measures leading to best in class standards.


Consologistix can provide expert, holistic advice and implementation services to clients in the logistics environment. Our services include more than just transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions, in that as a logistics partner it adds value, reduce costs, understands our customers’ business and enhance current logistics operations.

We also assist in evaluating current logistics processes within the warehouse, primary and secondary transportation environment with the option to simplify and or reduce complexity which will lead to long term and sustainable practises. We pride ourselves in understanding and analysing the core processes required to operate smoothly and then to create efficient and cost saving solutions.


During the period 2016 Consologistix became the official reseller and implementation partner to the ORTEC suite of products in Sub Sahara Africa. ORTEC is a top world leader in optimization software and analytics solutions.
For more information about ORTEC’s products, download our brochure, or visit: https://ortec.com


Willem is also part of the Central Group, which are a group of experts in the industrial development sector who have joined forces to provide our valued clients with A-Z solutions for industrial project design.

For more information about CENTRAL, download our brochure, or visit: www.centralgroup.co


• Warehouse layout and flow design of numerous multi-temperature warehouses nationally (refrigerated specialists)
• National Secondary network redesign through various modelling solutions, on strategic, tactical and daily advanced planning basis
• Remodel the distribution network of a major manufacturer, from a national stockholding network to a cross-docking model
• Implementation of double stacking fleet on Primary transportation flow for a dairy leader, resulting into long haul cost reduction of 50%
• Creation of a master routing system, with continuous backhauling
• Negotiation and Partnership Management with various suppliers into a centralised platform
• Stock analysis and storage strategy covering 4500 SKUs.